DeFi Kingdoms Airdrops (Jan — Feb 2022 — Part 1) TLDR announced on 22 Jan 2022

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2 min readJan 22, 2022


Yet another exciting announcement from Frisky Fox about airdrops opportunity for DeFi Kingdoms loyalists like you and me! Let’s go straight to the TLDR summary. (full announcement can be found in DeFi Kingdoms Discord Announcement channel)

1) xJEWELs and Secret Snapshots

  • As usual xJewels continue to be the criteria for airdrops
  • There will SECRET SNAPSHOTS in next few weeks. Total 10 snapshots to be taken starting from Jan 24, 2022. The details such as prizes will be announced after the snapshot are taken.
  • These snapshots are exciting because they reward anyone who holds over a set amount of xJEWELs with items, meaning lots more winners

2) JEWEL/CRYSTAL and Gen 0 Airdrops for xJEWEL Holders

  • Similar to previous round but this time, we get JEWEL airdrop too on top of CRYSTAL
  • Total 600k CRYSTAL and 400k JEWELs to be awarded to xJEWEL holders according to their average holdings between 24th Jan 2022 and 14th Feb 2022
  • There will be additional 25 Shiny Crystalvale Gen 0 Heroes in a raffle for these xJEWEL holders. Players will receive 1 entry for 100 xJEWELs, and 2 additional entries for every additional 100 xJEWELs

3) JEWEL/CRYSTAL and Gen 0 Airdrops for Hero Levelers

  • Brand new way and love it — Anyone who levels their hero has their chance in this so fair and square
  • Total of 5 Shiny Gen 0s to the top 5 highest level heroes at a snapshot point on 14th Feb 2022
  • Another 100 CRYSTALS and 100 JEWELs to the next 5 runner ups, and follow-by another 50 crystals and jewels to the following 10
  • There will be also airdrop 1 CRYSTAL AND 1 JEWEL to players for each Hero level above 1. So if you have 1 level 3 Hero (+2 level) and 4 level 2 (+1 Level) Heroes, you would get 2 + 4 = 6 CRYSTALs and JEWELs. Another example: you 2 x Level 3 hero, you will get +2 and +2) means 4 crystal and jewels

4) JEWEL/CRYSTAL Jackpot for Hero Summoners

  • Similar to previous round, as long you summon a hero between 21st Jan 2022 and 11th Feb 2022 (EST). you will get a chance to win Crystals and Jewels
  • There will be 100 draws and each winner will receive 100 JEWELs and 100 CRYSTALs

Super exciting! Hope this is also useful for you and if you like my work, pls support by following my channel .

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