DeFi Kingdoms Release 20 Jan 2022 TLDR

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2 min readJan 20, 2022


Finally this is the release we have been waiting for! TLDR below

  1. Tavern is finally FIXED! Yayyyy! With the deployment of APIv6, everything runs smoothly so far so guys keep on buying, selling, summoning, and repeat!
  2. Bank has new Manager and this is for you to transfer your Locked Jewels to another account in the event your accounts are compromised
  3. Few things to take note on (2)
  • You must have DeFiKingdoms account in order to transfer locked jewels.
  • It can only transfer ALL your Locked Jewels, no partial
  • When transfer, all your Jewels in your wallet will also be transfered. So if you do not want you unlocked Jewels do be transferred, please deposit into bank first (meaning xJewels will be transferred)
  • Any transferred Locked Jewels will staked on destination account. Meaning if I transfer 10 locked jewels to my another account where I have 25 locked jewels inside, it will become 35 locked jewels.
  • DO NOT TRANSFER to the same account address as this will cause all locked jewels to be lost forever!
  • This functions is for use in the event of emergency, defnitely not for selling/trading purposes

4. So minor bug on new Hero auctioning functions so currently are being disabled (existing auctions are not impacted)

5. Zada’s potion inventory has been upgraded in preparation for future use. All players who purchased Health, Stamina, or Mana potions prior to the upgrade have been airdropped replacement potions with the upgraded functionality. Please check the Hot Airdrop Balloon™️ on the Map to claim. Any potion that is crafted in Alchemist will not be affected

6. Minor bug fixed for XP in foraging

7. Tear Bonuses are currently not being represented within the game when applying Tears at summoning with Level 5 Heroes. No action is needed at this time. A future update will enable these bonuses on any summoned Hero who qualifies.

That’s it! Big news on Item (1) which something we have been waiting for!

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New Manager appointed for DeFi Kingdoms Bank



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