DeFiKingdoms Pets Odd Variant list

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1 min readJun 1, 2022


The following are the rarest of pets you can hatch so far…and you literally hit jackpot if you own one of them. This is for your referrence


Moss Kid (Cyan) - Common
Fawn (Blue) - Common
Hogling (Violet) - Common
Blub (Violet) - Common
Fairling Ent Kid (Fairling) - Common
Highlands Corgi (Pink) - Common
Blub (Violet) - Uncommon
Engorged Blub (Violet) - Uncommon
Gold Mask Caedori (Gold Mask) - Uncommon
Crystal Mask Caedori (Crystal Mask) - Uncommon
Shrubbler (Crystal) - Uncommon
Golden Wolf Pup (Golden) - Uncommon
Fairling Leafra (Fairling) - Rare
Haywood Boar (Golden Tusk) - Rare
Haywood Boar (Crystal Tusk) - Rare
Golden Dire Wolf (Golden) - Rare
Gold Hat Caedori (Gold Hat) - Legendary
Masked Corgi (Masked) - Legendary
Highlands Whelp (Black) - Mythic
Pet Rock (N/A) - Mythic

Blue Eggs

Dragonfly (Gold) - Common
Blub (Navy) - Common
Turtle (Crystal) - Common
Axolotl (Silly) - Common
Turtle (Gold) - Common
Goose (Blue) - Common
Blub (Navy) - Uncommon
Engorged Blub (Teal) - Uncommon
Golden Goose (Golden) - Uncommon
Poison Axolotl (Poison) - Uncommon
Tentickler (Violet) - Uncommon
Turtle (Jewel Encrusted) - Rare
Silly Turtle (Silly) - Rare
Teacup Hermit Crab (Teacup) - Rare
Unfortunate Dog (Dog) - Rare
Merman (Merman Tom) - Legendary
Bloater (Bloater) - Legendary
Riverhold Whelp (Gold) - Mythic
Snowman (Default) - Mythic
Rare Pets exist even in Common



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