DFK AMA 14-Mar-2022 TLDR

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2 min readMar 15, 2022


Another exciting weekly mechanics AMA and now we get to know little more about pets! Let’s zoom in to the summary!

  • Crystalvale is near! 30th Mar 2022 and all the airdrops will be done by then too (at CV). Reminder that DFK will at AVAX Summit!
  • There will be special announcement on 16th Mar 8pm ET so stay tune! (can’t wait!)
  • PETS — What do we know? They will play major part in the game

They have rarity, and each of them will be unique

Potential usage case is to boost both profression quests and combats

Pets only hatchable from eggs, and not summon-able

1 pet is to boost 1 hero, thought some may influence bonus to a group

  • LAND Tournaments — What do we know? Some teasers was shown and exactly based on the 8 attributes as we expected

Will require a lot of interaction and won’t require a lot of waiting

It is based on a comparison between one stat for each of the two heroes in the round — higher stat higher chance of winning

  • Other mentions include Higher Level Quests which is super exciting but I supposed that will come only later part so stay tune for more details. Example higher level of Mining quest will unlock more jewels potentially

For those who wants full transcript abt the AMA, check it out here https://medium.com/@Samichpunch/defi-kingdoms-team-ama-game-mechanics-march-14-2022-7b05e2bfef63

Land Tournament by each attributes



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