DFK Crystalvale Deposit into Garden TLDR

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2 min readMar 30, 2022


Let me do up a quick guide for all.

Pre-requisite you must either have Jewels or xJewel on Crystalvale (DFK Chain already)

Step 1 — We will use Jewel<>xJewel pool as example but is the same process for all other pool

  • Get same amount of Jewels with equivalent value of xJewel. If you dont have either one, you can swap them at Marketplace
Go to Trader to swap your tokens
  • Go to Marketplace > Trader > Select Jewel to pair wit xJewel
  • Swap to get equal amount (click on 50% to make things easier)

Step 2- Create Seeds

  • At Marketplace, go to Druid and BUY SEEDS
  • Select Jewel and xJewel amount to buy (proceed to Approve xJewel if you have not done so)
  • Click Supply to buy the Seeds

Step 3-Deposit into Garden

  • Go to Garden > Seedbox
  • Go to Jewel <> xJewel Pool and deposit your seeds
  • You will need to Approve the token for the first time
  • Then Deposit

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