DFK Crystalvale Hero Launch TLDR

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2 min readMay 5, 2022


Seer and Berserker are finally here at Crystavale! This is what you need to know for the latest launch:

Seer latest Crystalvale Class, together with Berserker
  1. 400 Cystalvale Gen 0 has been airdropped to winners and they have started to summons the mighty Seers and Berserkers (the advance class is call Sharpshifters)
  2. This also means Portal and Tavern are now live at Crystavale too! Take note, the summoning cost is same quantum as Serendale but in Crystals (meaning it is now still cheaper to summon Serendale) — Need guide? here https://defikingdoms.medium.com/hero-summoning-in-crystalvale-45b582b4f991 *Pro tips: You need tears to summon in CV so do bridge over too)
  3. Yes! You can now bridge your hero between the 2 realms and you follow this comprehensive guide to bridge your hero (and bridge back too) https://defikingdoms.medium.com/hero-summoning-in-crystalvale-45b582b4f991
  4. There are nothing much to do with Heroes on Crystalvale now but you can see Tavern is filled with heroes for sale, and also for hired…strangely
  5. There is an update about Serendale Gen 0 rerolling genes which help to balance out the distributions of genes for the all the classes (inludes the 2 new ones). You can refer to this for detail https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dT_tTLpvFS1BHQgMI8E7atCg2bP2lDwZKUpgGPHteyk/edit#slide=id.p

I must say the launch was quite smooth and the new heroes look damn good! Go check it out if you have not done so. Cheers!

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