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hey there, this is the TLDR for the latest AMA by Defi Kingdoms executive team. For full version of the transcript, you can refer here by Samichpunch: https://medium.com/@Samichpunch/defi-kingdoms-team-ama-bus-dev-team-january-24-2022-dd7c275e50c3

Salient points:

  • Getting more exciting as move close to Crystalvale! Check out the teaser of the Perilous Journey here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIbDr2q6xNk . All hands on deck ans super close collbaroration with the AVAX team
  • API6 Deployment was a success and so far Tavern is functioning the way it is, while the team still monitoring the progress in Beta as it merely less than a week
  • Lands and Combat — We have some very cool stuff coming up on these so stay tuned
  • Tax bounties, Bounty Programs, Grants program — all huge success and great contributions from
  • Scholar program — Exciting stuff I will just paste the actual comment on this: “We are coming up with something very different, but its going to be great for everyone involved, not just for those with no funds and wanting to get in, but also for those with lots of assets. We are looking to solve a number of needs, in addition to bringing in some large guilds who were excited to come in but hadn’t jumped in yet. People in the community are going to be able to unify with some of these and create some great things. It’s going to solve a lot of pain points”
  • Gardens — Continous to improve policy that the focus will be more on Jewel and blue chip pairs. When this policy is launched, there will be chance some of the pool which doesn’t qualify will be sunset.
  • CEX Listing — not agreesively pushing at the moment
  • DEX Listing — Continue to to see progress as some exchanges on other chains are making farms, like Spiritswap on FTM has created an incentivized pool for Jewel already.
  • Chains — hmm FTM is the key word here so stay tune!
  • In game utility — Super exiciting here as you can imagine to get started via Fiat on ramp. Meaning if you are new, comes to DeFi Kingdoms, you can buy some ONE via credit card to gets started! this is the idea. This will be huge for scalability!
  • Bridges — Continous to improve the experience of bridging with more natural and user friendly interface. Another focus is to have those bridging fees to be shared and to be able to go to the bank and the quest fund.

Some of the questions asked live!

Do we expect to see after we are in Crystalvale another announcement to another chain before we are finished getting the full initial investment of Serendale completed or do you think we’ll finish Serendale and then move forward to the second expansion.

  • Long and short, the expansion is on-going concurrently and wont be pause for any existing roadmap

How does the team want or see the balance of the new power tokens in the future. Not asking about price speculation, but I am interested in what you intend for the balance to be between the power tokens of all the expansions. You’ve fixed Jewel supply, each expansion will be 1/4 the supply, and you’ve made the utility prices the same across chains, so what will the balance be?

  • Utility is meant to be the same but overall supply is different
  • Price will enventually balance out as the market is extremely efficient and remember assets are all bridgable

So in terms of functionality, we will essentially double the overall supply of Jewel and the price between all the tokens will ultimately gravitate to the same price?

  • each expansion is 1/4 of the tokenomics of the Jewel ecosystem. There’s going to be things that you will be able to do with Jewel that you won’t be able to do with the other tokens.

Will xJewel always be the governance token or will each chain’s token be the governance token for that chain?

  • Ech expansion will have its own bank with fee sharing and rewards like we have on Serendale. So yes, there will be xCrystal. We’ll have votes that impact certain chains and we will use that chain’s x token for those votes.

With the sheer infancy that this game has and the amount of opportunities you are reaching for, do you have a measurement of success you are reaching for and is that the same for players as the devs?

  • Mulitple measure of sucesss for TVL for Defi from Questing metrics

Follow up: The expansion into additional chains and that measurement you get from a new coin and new opp for new liquidity pools is not necessarily the same as the ability of players to engage int he game itself, which at the forefront is supposed to be the allure. So is there any strain there with players wanting to play the game and developing ROI with gardens and dex on other chains?

  • Again multi aspect from Defi to NFT Heros and more important core which is combat battle
  • There are all sorts of offerings here and a little bit of something for everyone

We’ve started to see the creation of various autoquest bots. Can you clarify your stance on this?

  • That’s a hard balance between centralized and decentralized and so we’ll probably look to hold a vote from the community on this and how it should be run. Currently there is no policy and we are looking into them
  • This all also plays into the scholarship program we are trying to create and build. A scholarship program entails having a stance against bots, because if everyone is using bots, why would anyone need scholarships. We don’t want our players to be a bunch of bots, we want real players in here.

In terms of incentives and airdrops, with hero ownership you kind of suffer impermanent loss because as Jewel goes up, the jewel quantity you can sell your hero for goes down. So is there already too strong of a benefit to xJewel since its already looser liquidity, will it continue to be like that or will we see more challenges and airdrops for hero ownership and gameplay? Or will it continue to be biased towards xJewel holders.

  • Hero’s actual utility vehicles where you can run quests, level up and earn from quests therefore the value of Hero cannot be judged by merely the airdrops qualification
  • Recommendation questing now as much as you can and leveling up because these heroes may become a lot more valuable over time
  • The returns from quests will increase signifcantly as we progress as we are still in on Level 0 Quest now

Could airdrops in the short term be more geared towards Heroes and players rather than just having those people have to wait for the long term speculation?

  • Best way to explain is by Dreamer’s word here: “it’s hard to speculate. Really the community sets the price on this stuff, including airdrops. Let’s say we are into the expansion and the player base increases a lot, the demand for our Serendale heroes could go up a lot. Nobody knows what the best way to make money in DFK is. Engage with what you are comfortable with. Continue to learn. As you learn more about the various aspects of the Defi and gamefi, make decisions”

That’s it! Another exciting AMA we had this week.



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